What is Traffic Management?

Here at Complete Traffic Services we take safety and traffic control seriously. With a well detailed TMP, our safe movement of motorists and pedestrians around worksites using temporary traffic signage, delineators, arrow boards and accredited traffic controllers.

Traffic Management Services

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Who will require traffic management?

Any company or business planning to operate on or near roads or pedestrian access ways may require traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control. Complete Traffic Services work with both local/ national government councils, event management organizers and the construction industry. Alleviating their safety concerns.

More roads throughout Bay of Plenty are being built and upgraded, adding to the greater roadwork. This along side construction demand, increased traffic congestion and a rapidly growing population.  Complete Traffic Services has the expertise and experience needed to finish any project on time, within budget with no injuries.

What are STMS Levels?

Level 1

Low to Moderate Volume Roads
  • This encompasses most urban streets, most rural roads, low volume state highways, some local roads (with or without a centreline) sealed or unsealed,except those that comply with the criteria of Level 2 and Level 3

Level 2

High Volume State Highways
  • This encompasses major urban streets in the CBD, some arterial roads two lane two-way roads, one-way streets and multi lane roads;
  • This level of traffic management requires bigger 850mm x 850mm signs on 1200mm square backing boards, and signs on both sides of the road;
  • Stringent criteria for mobile operations apply to this level of temporary traffic management.
  • Requires a AWVMS pilot Vehicle

Level 3

High Volume, High Speed Multilane Roads and Motorways
  • This encompasses major multi-lane high ways and motorways in and around major urban areas, eg. the Auckland motorway system;
  • The same size signs as for Leve1 2 roads;
  • Stringent criteria for mobile operations apply to this level of temporary traffic management.